The Wren

The Wren pub
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The Wren, Liverpool Street Station, lower concourse, Broadgate entrance.
  Telephone : 020 7248 5750
Reviewed : January 2009
Chain :
Facilities : Fruit machine/game machine/Sky sports TV  

Boasting Sky Sports and an 'all day breakfast' for just under a fiver, The Wren is hidden under the Burger King sign at the Broadgate end of Liverpool Street station.  Although a Free House, there is little in the way of ale on offer, there are a few draught beers, Worthington, Carling, Guinness etc.  Service from Mariusz behind the bar was swift and pleasant, even with a little difficultly in communication I  purchased the drink of my choice.

The Wren is very much in the style of a station pub and one which has seen better days.  The redeeming feature of The Wren has to be the combination lock on the door to the gents (not the ladies, just the gents), regulars are evident by their smooth use of the lock, whilst new comers, like myself, struggle with two or three attempts.  I was somewhat disappointed that no one tried to sneak to the gents, it's obviously an annoying problem which they have solved.  I may well take a evening to observe the embarrassment if anyone foolishly attempts to sneak in.

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