The Red Lion

The Red Lion Pub
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Venue : The Red Lion, 1 Eldon Street, City of London. EC2M 7LS
Reviewed : October 2009 Telephone : 020 7247 5381
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Facilities : Upstair Bar

Situated on the border of the city which runs along Wilson Street, the Red Lion has stood here since 1887. This is a tradition city pub, downstairs is a single bar, with stool seating around the large windows which look out on Eldon Street. On my visits the beers (Buttcombe and Doombar amoungs others) have always been well kept and dispute the many city workers standing outside on the pavement, service is good.

If you had visited The Red Lion prior to 1994 you would not have been drinking within the City bounday, which was altered so that the boundary turns and runs along Wilson Street and not, as before, along Eldon Street. So if you are drinking in the Red Lion today, you are drinking in the City of London.

Eldon Street is named in honour of John Scott, who was the Lord Chancellor in 1801 and in 1821 was made Earl of Eldon. He also held the post of Governer of Charterhouse and was a Trustee of the British Museum.

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