The Merchant of Bishopsgate

The Merchant of Bishopsgate Pub

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Venue : The Merchant of Bishopsgate, The Lower Concourse,Liverpool Street Station,
Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 7PY.
Reviewed : January 2013 Telephone : 0207 628 6255
Brewery :
Pub Website : The Merchant
Facilities : Freehouse & Kitchen

The Merchant of Bishopsgate can be found on the lower concourse of Liverpool Street Station towards Bishopsgate on the western end.

This was the location of The Wren until the end of last year (2012) when it was extended and became The Merchant of Bishopsgate.

It sounds a great place and Liverpool Street has a large number of communters that could fill somewhere like this.

Oh and as Yvoone kindly pointed out, it has free wifi!

O Lord Direct
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