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The Mailcoach pub

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The Mailcoach, 1 Camomile Street, City of London. EC3A 7BH
  Telephone : 020 7626 2285
Reviewed: October 2008
Chain :
Facilities : Fruit machine, Darts

The Mailcoach is a basement pub located on Camomile Street, just off Bishopsgate at the junction with London Wall. The entrance is small, the steps down give nothing as to what you might find below. What you do find is a pretty decent boozer, hidden from the gaze of passers by, and not frequented by tourists.

The Mailcoach has always been a busy venue on the occasions I've visited, no matter what time of week, even on a Monday or Tuesday there is usually a decent grouping around the bar. Modern decor, tables and chairs dotted around a carpeted section a little away from the bar. The bar offers a good range of tradition beers, we visited on a Tuesday, choosing two very comfortable chairs close to the bar. When the first pint was consumed the barman (Scottish I believe) offered us 'same again', lovely service and an offer which is hard to refuse.

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