The Kings Arms

The Kings Arms pub
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Pub : The Kings Arms, 27 Wormwood Street, City of London. EC2M 1RP
Reviewed : October 2009 Telephone : 020 7588 4655  
Facilities : Downstairs bar, pool tables, wide screen TVs, fruit machines, beer patio

The Kings Arms occupies the ground and lower ground floor of a modern block on Wormwood Street, just off Bishopsgate and not too far from Liverpool Street Station.  Having been extensively refurbished it re-opened to the pubic at the end of May 2007. The refurbishment has really made a big difference, gone are the old tables and chairs along with the sticky carpets and in has come a fresh modern style. The main layout has remained unchanged, it is still possible to walk through the pub and out to the lane behind, which can now be used by the smokers when the July smoking ban comes in force.
Downstairs has also undergone a transformation, there are still the two pool tables but now there is a comfortable modern feel, with plenty of seating and even a couple of leather sofas to lounge in, this is an excellent bolt hole. Food is on offer, ranging from chicken kiev to tuna salad and of course London Pride to wash it down with, service is quick, friendly and pleasant.
Food is available from the bar, prices: traditional Sunday roast £7.55; chicken & bacon sandwich £4.75 to name just two available.

Wormwood Street is where the old City wall ran along the northern side, the land lose to the wall was allowed to grow wild. Among the many wild flowers and herbs growing there was the wormwood, a tiny herb used in medieval times as a woodworm killer.

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