The Hung Drawn and Quartered

The Hung Drawn and Quartered

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The Hung Drawn and Quartered, 27 Great Tower Street, City of London. EC3R 5AQ
  Telephone : 020 7626 6123
Reviewed : December 2013
Chain : Fullers
Facilities : Fruit machine

This beautiful red brick listed building has housed the The Hung Drawn & Quartered for about 10 years now. The Hung Drawn and Quartered is a moderately size pub with seating dotted around and a traditional bar to the left as you enter.  The decor is kept traditional, with a very high ceiling and large 'oldie worldie' pictures on the wall (I presume you can buy these off the shelf at some pub outfitters).  The need for tradition is probably linked with the pub name, which goes back to the thirteen century and was reserved as the harshest punishment the court could hand out, shame it's not called "The Nosh & Sausage".   The bias here is definitely to a pub for a drink, even during lunchtime, although there is a food menu available.

This is a great vantage point to see the London Marathon runners, they will have completed 22 miles by the time they reach The Hung Drawn and Quartered, makes the London Pride taste even sweeter.

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