St. Paul's Tavern

St. Paul's Tavern
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Venue : St. Paul's Tavern, 56 Chiswell St., EC1Y 4SA
Reviewed : 4th October 2005 Telephone : 020 7606 3828
Brewery : Green King
Pub Website : Green King Pubs
Facilities : Fruit/Golf Machine
Strangely enough, nowhere near St. Paul's, although to be fair, within the City everything is within walking distance of St. Paul's. This is a good pub, it is long with a plenty of places to sit or stand. Can get very busy but is always good to be in. I like this pub and I like the colour, British Racing Green I would say. Prior to having the sign replaced with the Green King logo it had an illustration of St Paul's sword, which is the same sword as depicated in the City of London's coat of arms. Perhaps Green King could re-incorporate this lovely snippet of history.

O Lord Direct
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