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ST. Brides Tavern Pub
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Venue : St. Brides Tavern, 1 Bridewell Place, Blackfriars, City of London, EC4V 6AP
Reviewed : June 2008 Telephone : 0207 353 1614
Brewery : Green King
Pub Website :
Facilities : Fruit/Golf Machine

This Greene King pub just off Tudor Street, St. Brides Tavern stands in Bridewell Place, dispute the dreadful building this is small very modern style pub, not what I would have imagined from Greene King to be honest.  They are members of Cask Marque. The downstairs bar is small, and is in a very modern sytle, the only bit of tradition was the mirror on the wall.  Selling of ales in such surroundings doesn't feel right, but perphaps I'm just getting old.

There are not many pubs in this area and it's a fair distance from the tourist locations so almost all of the clientele are City workers for lunchtime and early evening drinks.

As with most of the City, Brideswell has plenty of history, in 1668, a year after the Great Fire destroyed Bridewell boys orphanage the dreaded Bridewell Prison was built (demolished in 1864). Here men and women were flogged unmercifully before a judge (flogging of women was halted in 1791), the flogging only ceasing when the judge allowed a hammer to fall on to a wooden block. 
Just around the corner from St. Brides Tavern on New Bridge Street you can still see the 1802 Bridewell gateway, the keystone of the arch over the gateway bears the head of Edward VI who gave Bridewell to the City.

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