New Moon

New Moon Gracechurch st
New Moon, 88 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0DN
  Telephone : 020 7626 3625
Reviewed : January 2013
Facilities : Fruit/Golf Machine, large TV screens, downstairs.

On the corner of Leadenhall Market this is a pretty decent pub. There is a good range of beers and the service has always been good on my visits. Being within the market and covered the New Moon is an ideal venue for standing outside and watching City workers and tourists alike go about their business. Downstairs has a smaller bar and is mostly seating for something to eat.

Leadenhall Market is now a thriving market again, changed somewhat from the1800's, now made up of resturents, desiger goods, gifts and specialist food supplies. A far cry from the traditional market goods, vegatables, poulty and somewhat odd for these days cats and dogs, used by sailors to catch rats.

O Lord Direct
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