Golden Fleece

Williams Tavern
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Venue : Golden Fleece, 8-9 Queen Street, City of London. EC4N 1SP
Reviewed : November 2009 Telephone : 020 7236 1433
Brewery : Green King
Facilities : Fruit machines, downstairs seating.

Modern building,  with a traditional style Greene King pub.  A host of different levels, seating types and an excellently run bar with beers accredited with Cask Marque all adds up to an lovely pub at the top of list withing the City.  The Golden Fleece is just the right size pub for the bar, service is swift and pleasant no matter how busy. There is a downstairs with more of the relaxing style seating as well as pool for those who fancy that.  The seating just inside the door offers the best views, although it can get a chillie wind from the open door in the winter months.

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