The George pub, Liverpool Street
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Venue : George, 40 Liverpool Street, City of London. EC2M 7QN
Reviewed :  February 2011 Telephone : 020 7618 7300
Owner : Great Eastern Hotel
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The George is part of the prestigious five star Great Eastern Hotel, their offering of a pub to the City. The decor is to a high standard, a glance to the ceiling tells you that, but then this is in keeping with the hotel, the toilets are a bit of a treat too. There is a huge picture over the bar with a brass plate reading Bishopsgate 1620 which doesn't look at all out of place as you wait to be served. The prices are good and they have beer as well as lagers, food includes meat pies and beef sandwiches and even when busy, service is swift. Although the pub is small, a lot can be packed in especially on a Thursday or Friday night, which adds to the noise levels. You get the funny feeling this is a theme pub, with the St. George's cross used as a logo, the leaded windows and wooden paneling, which I'm sure was not the intention, nevertheless, a fine drinking establishment.

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